Stand In the Gap
We seek the eradication of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Family Violence" in our Tri-State Area through God's help and guidance as promised in II Chronicles 7:14
Stand In The Gap Presentation
Stand In The Gap Video Presentation.
Heal Our Land
This "Heal Our Land" song, written and produced by our Tri-State Local Artist, MIke Gibson, was a direct result of "Stand in the Gap" (SIGCO) marches and events.
Pastor Interview Part 1
Stand In The gap pastor Interview part one.
Pastor Interview Part 2
Stand In The gap pastor Interview part two.
It's Not To Much To Ask!
Support HB1565 Save the Children from Meth. Please ask your friends to watch this video and share it through social media.
Stand In The Gap July 14th
Part one of the Stand In The Gap meeting on July 14 2013.
Stand In The Gap 7-14 Part 2
Part 2 Of the July 14 2013 Stand In the Gap meeting.
Meth Project Official Ad
Stand In The Gap Prayer March
On November 6 2011 - Thousands of people participate in Stand in the Gap March to march and pray Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse. The 2.4 mile march traveled from Lincoln Memorial University along the Harrogate Greenway to finish with a service in downtown Cumberland Gap.
Prescription Only
Meth is a plague in America. Tennessee is the 2nd highest state in the nation for Meth production. It is nearly impossible to manufacture meth without pseudoephedrine products. District Attorney, tells about a bill passed by Oregon and Mississippi that makes pseudoephedrine products prescription only. No pseudoephedrine- no meth, it's that simple. Meth and other drugs cost Tennessee 16 billion a year.
Mrs. Anna Roops Testimony
Anna Roop raised her sons in church, but one son became addicted to drugs. No addict knows the toll addiction takes on their family. Stand in the Gap Coalition offers support and direction. Through much prayer and fasting Jason has hit bottom, looked for help and found it. He is on the road to recovery.
Prayers & Gibson Singers
Pastors Prayers and Gibson Singers singing Heal Our Land
Rebecca Harris
Stand at the Cross, Rebecca Harris testimony
Sheila Raye Charles testimony
2014, "Stand at the Cross" Sheila Raye Charles amazing testimony