Mission Statement

We seek by Prayer, Communication, and Prevention Education, to Remedy the Effects of substance abuse and family violence in our Tri-State area. We seek God's help and guidance as promised in
II Chronicles 7:14

Will You Join In This Movement?

Take your "Stand" and cry out for GOD to heal our land from the SCOURGE of Drug and Alcohol Abuse that is crippling our land and its people!
We NEED Volunteers!
To Volunteer your time and resources in this effort, please contact our office:

email Standntgap@gmail.com

Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO)
325 Straight Creek Road
New Tazewell, Tn. 37825

CALL 423-300-1302

Give Me A Reason FREE Drug Testing Kits

The Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO) provides FREE 12 PANEL "Saliva Based" drug testing kits. SIGCO partnering with Operation UNITE offers these kits, which are designed for parents and guardians to keep and use for their children as they feel necessary. Theses drug testing kits are to be used as a Preventative Measure ONLY. This program,"Give Me A Reason"(GMAR), gives individuals a reason to "SAY NO" to drugs when tempted by peer pressure or whatever the circumstance be. Complete information and instructions in each kit are found in each of these easy to use kits. These FREE drug testing kits can be obtained at the SIGCO office at 325 Straight Creek Road New Tazewell, Tn. and several distribution points (DPs) in the tri-state area. For more information and locations of the DPs please call 423-300-1302.


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If mail: Supporters of the Stand in The Gap Coalition are requested to send their donations to P.O. Box 539 Cumberland Gap, TN. 37724 or 325 Straight Creek Road New Tazewell, TN. 37825

Thank you for your contributions.